​​The Binnie family started producing quality produce from their home property, “Mirannie Station” in 1898.

The first supply chain of fresh produce operated from 1898 through to 1916, where efforts were focused on producing cheese. In those early years, when refrigeration was non-existent, the eight dairies worked full time on the property to keep up with demandfor cheese.

In addition to the dairies, the Binnie’s produced draught horses for the bakeries and breweries in Sydney and shorthorn cattle for local butcher shops.

The move into Wagyu came after 98 years of breeding Herefords. The Hereford cows, which are excellent mothers were used asrecipients for fullblood Wagyu embryo’s.

Today the Wagyu herd consists of thousands of Wagyu, and Wagyu infused animals, spread accross four continents.

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Hunter Heartland Wagyu is based on Mirannie Station, a 7,000 acre cattle property in the heart of the Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia.
The Hunter Valley is famous for its wine growing, producing some of the worlds best wines. Mirannie Station is situated between the wine growing region and the Barrington Tops. It is renowned for rolling hills, lush coastal pastures and crystal clear, spring fed creeks.

The cattle are born and raised in this pristine environment, grazing on natural rye grass and clover pastures anddrinking pure, clean water. From here, they are transported to the Darling Downs, to be finished on barley and silage.

It is this unique combination of natural assets, care and management that ensures each mouthful of Hunter HeartlandWagyu delivers the juicy, buttery flavoured dining experience synonymous with the worlds best beef.

Before going into a feeding program, Heartland cattle are on a grain supplement program and they drink from crystal clear spring fed creeks.

Not only is the Hunter Heartland Wagyu brand synonymous with mouth watering, buttery and highly nutritious wagyu beef, we also take human health very seriously.

Heartland wagyu is tested for the Stearoyl CA desaturase (SCD)gene. There are several different DNA sequences of the SCDgene in wagyu cattle* these are categorised into 2 groups based on the amino acids Alanine (AA) & Valine (VA). Cattle that have the SCD type A gene have enzymes that are able to change stearic acid (saturated fat) into oleic acid (a monounsaturated fatty acid)* Oleic acid makes the fat soft with a low melting point.

By using the SCD gene we can select the cattle which deposit soft, and oleic acid-rich fat, that is delicious and healthy!

Recent research demonstrates that high oleic acid ground beef reduces the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL cholesterol ( the good cholesterol)**

Delicious, nutritious and healthy.